The Build Process

Stage 1:


Upon receipt of your signed SPASA Contract, your obligations notification, you’re original site plan, and your deposit payment we will proceed to arrange for the site plans locating the pool etc to be firmed up.


Upon approval of the site plans we will proceed to arrange


Engineer drawings for your swimming pool based on the design and location agreed to. (usually allow 2-3 weeks)


Water Authority is lodged using finalized site plans (72 Hours Normally)


Once engineering has returned we will make sure that no additional needs are required for construction


We will then send to council (All councils have a By Law that they can take up to 25 working days to approve your application after submission. Please bare this in mind when scheduling as it is often the case)


If any amendments are to be made by council in order to gain approval we will notify you immediately


**** Please note council may require you to lodge a separate application for your pool fencing during the process of the pool application. I have attached the information you will need to take and you will need to get the fencing specifics you plan to install as per diagram provided and this must be lodged along with a full site plan indication pool fencing location, design and contstruction. Please contact your local council first as it is not yet a requirement at all councils but it will save delays in the permit process.***


Stage 2:


Before we excavate your pool our building supervisor will mark out your new pool.
This will be based on your approved design.


Excavation is as per quotation and contract based a standard site for 1 day standard bobcat/excavator or similar machine to excavate clean sandy soil.


Sub Surface Conditions: If any rock clay, limestone, grass or other materials other than clean sandy soil is located additional charges will be incurred to remove. Unfortunately we are unable to speculate a cost to remove as it is based on time, volume and machinery used.

As stated in your contract all piping, plumbing and cabling in the pool hole area is the owner’s responsibility to move prior to excavation and no responsibility will be taken for any damage in the pool whole area.


Formwork & Steel: Steel reinforcing is installed in accordance with the approved Engineer drawings and will be delivered to site usually during excavation


Concrete Is Poured: A special mix of concrete is applied under high pressure to bind tightly around the steel to engineer’s specification. Concrete is pumped from the road usually so please make sure there are no vehicles blocking access tothe front of the property


 ** The process of stage 1 is usually a 5-7 day process

** The concrete shell will be left for a minimum of 7 days before back fill









Stage 3:


Pool Plumbing tiling and coping is usually done after lock up if you are building and prior to paving as other trades have a tendancy to damage the pipework.


Plumbing: Depending on weather your home is existing or in the building process we will organize to plumb your pool to the designated pump house area. If you are in the build process this will normally get left until closer to lock up as to not have other trades damage the pipe work. It is the owners responsibility to notify us prior to paving or slabs being laid so we can organize the plumbing


Tiling: Water line tiles are to be chosen by you and your selection given to us in writing including any grout choices if standard is not required. Please note that if the retail price differs from your provisional allowance then a variation will be sent to you in writing prior to ordering of materials


Pool Coping: As per the waterline tiles .Coping choices are to be chosen by you and your selection given to us in writing. Please note that if the retail price differs from your provisional allowance then a variation will be sent to you in writing prior to ordering of materials


Required by owners at this Stage:

  • Owners will need to install soak well or provisions for backwash and overflow if using a sand filter

  • Owners to organize Water to be run to pump are if water witch is being installed

  • Owners to organize power points to pump house are – Standard Single Phase outdoor GPO are fine a minimum of 2 Doubles GPO’s is usually recommended

  • Owner to run a gas line to heater location if gas heater option has been chosen – please contact us for pipe size

  • Once this is complete please complete your paving and fencing as we are unable to plaster the swimming pool until this is finished


Tile Suppliers









Recommended Capping Suppliers


(note we do reccomend buying capping and poolside paving at the same time in order to get the same colour match from the same batch. If you decide to do this we will ask you to provide the capping and your provisional sum will be credited from your account)


Recomended Pool Fencing Suppliers


  • Rivendale (Sunline) Glass Fencing – 2/10 Competition Way Wangara

    Feel free to email plans to or arrange a site visit

    (be sure to tell them you are a customer of Boardwalk Pools)


Recomended Solar Heating Suppliers



Stage 4:
Once your site is secure your plumbing and electrical equipment will be delivered onsite. No responsibility will be taken for loss, damage or theft


Stage 5:

Your pool is almost completed. The internal surface is the last stage in the construction.

We will need you to make your final selection of pool color and if you are unsure of the color going off the brochure please take your chosen tile sample to match up with your chosen plaster colour at


Pool Building Supplies - 23 Roberts St, Osborne Park to view there selection 9444 9414 (open some Saturday mornings please call in advance)









Final selection to be notified to Deanna or Laurence in writing to us as soon as possible to guarantee availability of color



We will be back on site a few days prior to plaster to deliver any necessary equipment and apply pool step treds

Our team is usuallay onsite at 6am on the day of plaster due to time restraints with the heat setting the plaster in Summer

On the day of plaster you will be left an instruction booklet along with your handover booklet

If you have chosen to acid wash the pool this is done the day following the pool plaster and will be pre arranged by us.

If you have chosen not to acid wash the pool Dura Quartz can take 12 months to reach there full colour potential and blotchyness will occur until colour has fully exposed this is natural.


When to start filling the pool.

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Within 7 days of completion pool must be comissioned.

Once the pool is ½ to ¾ full (you can book earlier just allow at least 2 days to fill) please contact Troy From Sapphire Pool Services on 0413 888 667 to commission and handover your swimming pool as per your instruction letter.

Your pool may look slightly green and cloudy until all your chemicals are added.

** All final selection choices are to be emailed to Deanna or Laurence at ****


Recommended Water Chemistry for Plastered Pools.

pH Levels: 7.2 - 7.6 (7.4 ideal)

Chlorine: 1.0 - 2.0 ppm

Total Alkalinity: 80 - 130 ppm

Calcium Hardness:  200 - 300 ppm (250 ideal)

Stabalizer:  40-60ppm

Salt :  4000-6000ppm

Standard 200 x 200 Pool Tiles - Tint Navy
Standard 200 x 200 Pool Tile - Tint Blue
Duraquartz Sky Blue
Duraquartz Ice Blue
Standard 200 x 200 Pool Tile Start Blu